Our field service experts – with fully stocked tool trailers – are available 24/7 across the western U.S. We are trained and experienced to solve the most difficult issues when and where they happen. Whatever the time, location, or complexity of a project, Bay Valve has the field service know-how and equipment to do the job safely, effectively, and on schedule.

Bay Valve’s first goal is listening to and understanding the customer’s needs. We then create a plan to meet these requirements and deliver with our expertise and technology. There’s no company more capable when it comes to field service. Our project management and supervisory personnel alone have more than 300 combined years of experience.    

As a result, Bay Valve is your go-to for field service valve repairs, installation, or maintenance.

Valve Maintenance

Maintenance and Repair

Unreliable valves can threaten safety and cost your business time and money. Bay Valve can increase your plant’s safety, compliance, and reliability while growing your return on investment.

From a single valve technician to a full maintenance crew or a repair truck to a full repair shop, our talented technicians provide repairs to meet all industry standards and certifications. You can trust Bay Valve to properly service your equipment, bringing and keeping your plant online.

The Bay Valve team delivers a wide variety of on-site valve maintenance services, including:

  • Valve testing and inspection
  • Routine valve maintenance
  • Valve maintenance, including valve machining and welding
  • Valve parts procurement/management
  • Valve and system upgrade recommendation

Bay Valve has a machine trailer fleet of more than six 48-inch semitrailers equipped for in-line machining, part fabrication, welding, actuation repair, and live-steam testing to the National Board program. On-site we handle any valve type and associated component, including pressure relief valves, safety relief valves, control valves, plug valves, ball valves, gate valves, block valves, butterfly valves, actuators, steam traps, rupture discs, and more.

In addition to valve repair and maintenance, our field services team excels at larger projects, including:

We also supply and install new valves and their associated systems from a wide variety of major manufacturers.

Outage Planning & Outage Services

Outage Planning & Outage Services

In today’s world, equipment operation economics change from day to day, pushing plant equipment to – and sometimes beyond – typical operational limits. In many cases, valves and actuators are the key operational link and, if not properly maintained and serviced, they can cause serious operational impact to capital and operational budgets – and to the bottom line.

Plan to Succeed

Bay Valve helps you plan outages to increase or maintain reliability and to optimize the cost of ownership.

We’ve managed planned outages for over 30 years from refinery TARs to pulp and paper outages to shipboard maintenance. We can apply this vast knowledge to your specific need. We are available for simple plant assessments to full-service outage schedules and coordination. We’ll work together to create a schedule to meet your requirements and protect other planned projects and overall schedules.

Execute the Plan

Our field service team is unbeatable. Together, they have over 300 years of valve technician experience as well as strong OEM relationships and direct access to the right tooling, local experts, and repair facilities.

Bay Valve delivers incomparable field service to get the job done and your equipment back online. Because our team knows and handles the entire flow system, you can work with us rather than deal with multiple contractors. This gives us crucial quality control and you the assurance jobs are done correctly, with safety and compliance in mind, on schedule and at budget. When Bay Valve manages your field project, we ensure on-time mobilization of spares, field service technicians, and standard and specialty tooling to your site.

Contact Bay Valve Service to schedule a site visit to plan your upcoming outage or learn more about our services.

Unplanned Outage Services

Unplanned Outage Services

Bay Valve relieves the stress of unexpected equipment failures, which shut down your vital operations while putting employees and the environment at potential risk. We have an established network of repair centers and a growing regional field-service network to help you manage unplanned outages and get you back online, reducing downtime and lessening safety concerns.

Valves and actuators can obviously fail outside business hours, and our field technicians are available 24/7 to fix the problem when and where it happens.

Our unplanned outage services are two-fold:

  • On-site services include troubleshooting, assessment, system inspection, and repairs.
  • Off-site support assists with new or refurbished valve supply, in-shop repair capabilities, and other part and product replacement.

Contact Bay Valve Service for more information about our unplanned outage valve repair services.

Upgrades & Installation

Valve Upgrades and Installation

Whether you need to improve operator and process safety or want to automate valve operations, Bay Valve helps with specialized valve upgrade projects or a new valve system installation.

Our team has extensive relationships with widely known and respected OEMs and, paired with our experienced team of application engineers and field service teams, we’ll create the best flow solution for your application. From simple single-valve control rebuild kits to complex Coker Unit automation projects, we offer flow solutions to fit your specific schedule and budget.

Learn more about our valve products, or contact Bay Valve Service for more information about our valve upgrade and installation services. We are here to meet your specific needs.

There’s no company more capable when it comes to field service. Our project management and supervisory personnel alone have more than 300 combined years of field service experience.

When you need field service valve repairs, installation, or maintenance, contact Bay Valve Service.


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