Bay Valve Shop Services

Bay Valve shop services flawlessly handle your planned maintenance or unplanned outage valve repair needs. Our 24/7 authorized repair facilities offer full-service valve repair, including machining, welding, inspection, testing, and repair of any brand, type, and size valves and actuators. Our shop services are dependable, cost-effective, and fast to decrease downtime.

Bay Valve offers proven valve-repair expertise with stellar manufacturer relationships and training. We have the experience to work with your operations and engineering personnel on process requirements, valve repair vs. replace decisions, and in-the-field valve performance.

Contact Bay Valve Service about our in-shop valve repair and machining services.
If you need on-site service, check out our field service capabilities.

Our shop services include:

  • 24/7 emergency valve repair service
  • Scheduled valve maintenance and repair, testing and calibration
  • Extensive valve machining and welding capabilities, including ball and plug valve grinding
  • Complete valve and actuator disassembly, reassembly, and testing
  • Custom fabrication and welding work
  • Factory authorized repair for OEM valves/actuators
  • New valve modification, assembly, fabrication and testing
Authorized Repair Facilities

Authorized Repair Facilities

Bay Valve is a leading service provider. Top manufacturers have hand-picked our company to represent new products, and in many cases, for repairs and warranty services. We represent the following manufacturers for authorized repairs:

• Attwood & Morrill
• Flowseal
• Pacific Valve
• Centerline
• General Twin Seal
• Stockham (Pacific) Wedge Plug
• Masoneilan
• Chapman
• Conbraco
• Limitorque
• TK Ball Valves+
• Consolidated
• Valtek
• Conval
• Newco
• Velan
• Crane
• Orbit
• Weir
• Durco
• Velan

*No authorization, but repairs are performed with Cameron’s technical support.

+Bay Valve Service is a VRC member committed to using OEM parts in the repair process.

Repair and Refurbishing

Shop Valve Repair, Refurbishing, Machining

Bay Valve knows equipment failures and unplanned outages call for ready-to-install valves in hours, not days or weeks. We have a large supply of valves on-hand ready to fabricate and send to your site for installation. If a refurbished valve isn’t the right solution, our in-house valve repair services provide fast turnaround and quality.

Our valve repair and reconditioning capabilities include:

  • Maintained valve inventory available for reconditioning
  • Spares storage/management
  • 24/7 emergency valve repair services, including ball and plug valve grinding

Valve Testing

Testing valves for proper integrity management is key to reliable valve operation and managing a valve’s total cost of ownership. Bay Valve has test stands at all of our repair facilities, and nearly all sites have mobile field test stands. Each of these test stands is certified to the National Board VR program for shop and field, which Bay Valve has held for more than 18 years. We can test on air, nitrogen, water, and steam on nearly every valve type. Here is a sampling of our test ranges and sizes.

  • Air at 6,000 PSI
  • Nitrogen at 6,000 PSI
  • Water at 8,000 PSI
  • Stream at 1,500 PSI

If you want to test PSVs in-line, we have our own EVT and AVK test units and can set up a specific test program, including linkage to ValvKeep for future preventative maintenance.

Asset / Tracking

Valve Tracking

Do you know how often your valves fail?  Do you trend the maintenance spend and activities performed?  Do you know when your valve should be tested to remain compliant with state or other government regulations?

If not, you may be missing important information that could better optimize your capital and operational budgets. Bay Valve offers valve tracking through VK-Viewer for all valves, which gives you a list of all assets and allows reports and trending for informed decisions on valve budgets.

We can track management of your valve fleet and analyze maintenance history during the outage planning or yearly financial planning stages. Looking at this information as a whole and as a team, we can help you minimize unexpected outage overruns and predict capital needs, which decreases downtime and increases valve reliability.

To learn more about Bay Valve Service’s valve/asset tracking capabilities, what VK-Viewer can do for your business, or to schedule a demo of VK-Viewer, contact Bay Valve or call 206.267.3900.

Our shop service experts evaluate help you process requirements, optimize valve repair vs. replace decisions, and improve valve performance in the field. We can also coordinate with maintenance and planning to schedule the work, procure each component, and complete the project on time and within budget.


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