Company History

Our History

Bay Valve began 35 years ago with a small valve shop just north of Seattle. Since then, the company’s go-to attitude and focus on customer service has driven expansion across the western U.S. We’ve developed in key areas, such as Alaska; the San Francisco Bay Area, the Texan cities of Houston, Odessa, and Amarillo; and across the Rocky Mountains, including Salt Lake City, Denver, and Billings, MT.

We maintain our devotion to quality and thrive on progress and improvement. We consistently invest in our staff and maintain a team of trained individuals passionate about working safely and keeping your equipment running the right way.

Our history spans more than three decades:

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Bay Valve’s expertise serves multiple industries, from the petrochemical industry to pulp and paper to water/waste water. We understand that when your process or plant is stopped  people’s lives or production impacted.  We’re here to create the right level of coverage and meet your company’s specific market needs.

Oil & Gas: Bay Valve is the turnaround expert for the oil and gas industry, including upstream, midstream, and downstream. We know successful TARs eliminate forced outages throughout a given operational cycle. Built on preparing for maintenance, special project, and/or unplanned TARs, Bay Valve leads your valve work, ensuring full compliance with industry safety and quality requirements. We’re registered with all main third-party auditing agencies, and we understand the oil and gas working environment. We are also familiar with specialty processes, such as Coker Units, and can give you specific system upgrade advice. Bay Valve understands your market dynamics and knows maximizing between TARs is essential to meet safety standards and deliver market demands for product.
Power Generation: We evaluate, maintain, repair, and service valves so one problem won’t prevent your plant from getting online and meeting your contractual obligations. Our team is trained in safety at power generation plants and able to work in all types of generation facilities. We can assess valve failures and high-stress points as well as create the right maintenance plan to drive reliability and meet your shutdown dates for regularly scheduled maintenance.
Petrochemical: Chemical, fertilizer, and other petrochemical facilities have specific needs due to chemical processes and corresponding safety requirements. Bay Valve ensures strict valve maintenance and integrity to keep processes/chemicals segregated. We’re field-service experts. When new valves are required, we ensure full system integrity specific to the chemical process. Bay Valve understands your market dynamics and need for process segregation, and we safeguard shutdowns with precision.
Pulp & Paper: Mill operational time is critical, and shutdowns are extremely tight with limited time for maintenance and servicing. Bay Valve does the job within short-window outages – from 12 to 36 hours – with parts, technicians, tool trailers, and on-site repair capabilities. We’ll get you ready for startup within the required window because we have local experts available 24/7 to deliver on all valve needs.
Mining: Ensuring the autoclave process is always running and ready is a key component for our mining customers. Bay Valve ensures valve reliability in this process with MSHA and OSHA trained technicians. Our field, shop, and supply services allow us to respond quickly, and we are specialized in performing hard facing (overlays) to gate, globe, and control valves. We also understand your tight timeframes. The rotation must be known and parts on-hand. We help our mining customers manage spares and valve histories, manage inventory turns, and swap out valves during each shutdown to increase reliability, while reducing the overall total cost of ownership.
Water/Wastewater: A great amount of infrastructure and technology is required to deliver and maintain the clean water on which our communities depend. Bay Valve realizes the importance of your job in the water/wastewater industry, and we help manage your flow path to keep your facilities up and running. Whether you’re operating in municipalities, fisheries, recreational venues, or more, Bay Valve is here to maintain your infrastructure so you can process and bring safe water to your customers.

Bay Valve has relationships with over 20 OEMs to meet your needs. We’ll get you the right part at the right time.

Here are some of the brands we represent:

  • Consolidated
  • Limitorque
  • Conval
  • Böhmer
  • Continental / Groth
  • AUMA
  • Copes Vulcan
  • Vintrol
  • ValvTechnologies
  • HBE
  • National Pump
  • TLV
Industry Certifications and Licenses

Valve Repair and Service Certifications

Certifications are only as good as the execution behind them and, at Bay Valve Service, we take our certifications, accreditations, and associations seriously.  We constantly strive to maintain compliance to the highest standards and, when a non-conformity or deviation is discovered, we work to resolve this issue immediately. At Bay Valve Service, we maintain the following at one or more of our facilities:

ASME UV and V Certified Assemblers for Dresser Consolidated.
VR Certified to repair all ASME Section I and VII Division I safety and safety relief valves
Dresser Consolidated Green Tag Repair Facility
Dresser Consolidated Green Tag Assembly Facility
Limitorque Blue Ribbon Authorized Repair
Durco Black Tie Repair Center
Masoneilan MARC Center
Factory Trained Wedge Plug Facility
Midwest Energy Association (Member)
National Compliance Management Service (Member)
PICS (Member)
Browz (Member)
Veriforce (Member)

Manufacturer’s Authorizations

Bay Valve is affiliated with several valve manufacturers as their authorized repair centers where, in many cases, factory training is utilized to perform high level repair work. In other cases, manufacturers’ audits suffice to gain this authorization. Here are some of the bigger names in the industry with which Bay Valve is affiliated:

Attwood & Morrill
Orbit *
Pacific Valve
TK Ball Valves*
General Twin Seal*
Velan Coker Ball Valves

*No authorization, but repairs are performed with Cameron’s technical support.  Bay Valve Service is a VRC member committed to using OEM parts in the repair process.

About ISS

Industrial Service Solutions is a Uniquely Positioned Company

  • To deliver a broad set of comprehensive “cost, quality, and speed” service solutions critical to process equipment across a diverse set of end-user markets.
  • To serve a wide variety of industries, such as power generation; oil and gas; pulp and paper; chemical and petrochemical; tire and rubber; metals and mining; water and waste water; and other industrial and commercial markets.
  • To offer expertise in a wide variety of equipment and application, including valves and actuation; motors and generators; pumps; compressors and coolers; boilers and heat exchangers; mixers and extruders; both process-equipment and electrical-equipment controls; and many other types of peripheral equipment.
  • To provide value propositions, such as onsite field service, regionally based shop services, and a broad range of supply services.
  • To serve customers nationwide from our 50 U.S.-based shops and service locations.


Industrial Service Solutions emanates “forceful optimism.”

  • We are a team of self-confident associates who have can-do attitudes and always strive to anticipate, learn, and adapt but are not afraid to act.
  • We recognize and reward the behavioral traits of integrity, character, candor, humor, teamwork, and both individual and joint accountability.
  • ISS culture enables us to offer small-company competitiveness with large-company capabilities and process disciplines.

Small-company competitiveness:

  • Customer-centric biases committed to earning and retaining longstanding relationships of trust
  • High respect for every associate who wears our uniform regardless of title, position, or skillset
  • Quick response, low cost structures, and a personal commitment to delivery of high-quality service

Large-company capabilities:

  • Disciplined processes for associate recruiting, training development and safety best practices, and a comprehensive compensation and benefits plans for talent retention
  • Technical depth for equipment, service applications, and industry certifications; and reinvestment in competitive shops, machinery, and tools
  • A nationwide geographic footprint, a broad set of field, shop, and supply value propositions serving multiple industrial and commercial markets


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