Industrial Pump Repair/Shop Service

When a pump experiences excessive vibration, has operational issues during specific plant operations, or has/causes other plant operational issues, speed to respond with the right resource(s) is critical.

Many pump issues cannot be addressed or solved on-site with field service or are simpler to perform utilizing shop repair/servicing capabilities.  Industrial Service Solutions is ideally suited to manage all your industrial pump repair needs, with machine shop facilities located within close proximity to nearly every major industrial facility throughout the western United States that can provide full service pump repair regardless of the pump manufacturer, size, and/or application.  Our pump shop supervisors offer OEM expertise for a wide variety of pump products and brands, including from companies like Goulds, Flowserve, Barnes, Bell & Gossett, Cat Pumps, Burks, Graco, Grundfos, Peerless, Weinman, National and more to ensure that proper repair and maintenance activities are performed

Should your pump have older parts that are no longer available, our expert machinists are able to adapt and create parts to replace the old part and/or increase the performance and lifespan of the older pumps.  Should the pump repair get you back in service but not provide the added capacity you need, our application engineers can design a customized pump system to meet your plant’s specific requirements.  Additionally, Bay Valve Service’s technicians are experienced and trained in multiple sealing methodologies, from standard packing to mechanical seals. Our scope of expertise is wide, but our focus is precise to ensure that your pump repair is right the first time.

Industrial Service Solutions shops are well equipped for a wide range of pump repairs:

  • Lathes ranging from 12-inch to 25-inch swing with 4-ft. to 10-ft. beds
  • Vertical boring lathes with swing of 58 inches and greater than 29-inches of vertical travel
  • Horizontal boring machines with 60 inches of travel and tailstock support
  • Light-duty knee mills
  • Radial arm drill
  • Hydraulic presses from 5-100 tons and 26-inch to 60-inch diameters
  • Small and large parts bead blasters (sand, metal shot, etc.)
  • And more

Repair/Refurbishment & Upgrades

Repair or rebuilding your existing pump is usually to your financial advantage. Industrial Service Solutions can usually repair your existing pump to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our technicians can also recommend upgrades that will prolong your pump’s lifespan. In-shop machining provides a timely repair to limit your downtime.

With our unique experience and capabilities, we often receive pumps others do not or will not repair because we are not constrained by manufacturer or size.  We work with all industries, from power generation to pulp and paper to mining to wastewater to chemical plants.  We handle everything from large overhung pumps to sump pumps to split-case pumps to end-suction centrifugal pumps, and more.

Shop Services/Machining Capabilities

  • 24/7 Emergency Call-out
  • Aftermarket Support and Parts Procurement
  • Liquid End & Power End Repairs
  • Mechanical Seal Repairs
  • Bearing & Seal Upgrades
  • Dyamic Balancing
  • Skid / Package Laser Alignment
  • HVOF/Polymer Ceramics (Belzona/Enecon) Coatings
  • MIG/TIG/Stick/Dual Shield Welding
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Line Boring
  • 1,200 PSI testing on air and 5,000 PSI testing on water
  • And more


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